WELCOME TO Sezmoi cattery!

We are a small in home cattery of

registered show quality British Shorthairs

 All of our cats are raised underfoot in our home. We are a no-cage cattery and all kittens receive personalized attention. All of our breeding cats are carefully chosen to produce kittens that will adhere to the breed standard and will have personalities that will make them ideal companions.

Even as a child, I have always had a fascination about cats. I remember going to my first cat show and how ecstatic and amazed I was with all the beautiful cats that I saw. Back in my mind, I always thought that some day, when I finally have the capacities, I will start my own cattery and produce cats that will excel in the show ring! A few years ago, that dream became a reality! I had the opportunity to make friends with established breeders of British Shorthairs and from there, I bought the foundation cats of my cattery.

I have always been in love with the British Shorthair. These beautiful royal cats are just a joy to have. They just have the body and face of a perfect cat - built but not fat and umm those cheeks! And their personalities - just perfect! They're very sweet cats - not loud and also not very needy.‚Äč

We are located just outside Portland, Oregon and can ship worldwide. If you are interested in any of our babies, please feel free to look at the AVAILABLE page to see what we have and contact us with information about yourself, your family and why you can provide a great home for one of our babies.

Please contact me at sezmoicattery@gmail.com or you can also use the contact form below to reach us.

A TICA Registered small in home cattery of show quality british shorthairs

Sezmoi Cattery