Sezmoi Cattery

A TICA Registered small in home cattery of show quality british shorthairs

1. Are British Shorthairs "cool" cats? Are they needy? Will they destroy my furniture?

British Shorthairs generally have a docile and relaxed personality. They are not very needy cats and prefers more to be "around" you rather than "on" you. They are very sweet cats that can do well with either home or apartment living. They are child-friendly and will do well either in a single or multi-pet household. 

Cats GENERALLY love to scratch. As long as you provide the cat with an area for it to divert its scratching needs to (say, a scratching post), your furniture will be safe. We train our kittens to use a scratching post early on and to stay away from scratching furniture. Continuous reinforcement from their new "humans" can help ensure that this good behavior carries along.

2. Why do you only breed from cats who have attained at least Champion Status?

This is a standard that I intend to adhere to in my breeding program. This standard ensures that I only breed from cats who are great representations of the British Shorthair breed. I also ensure that my breeding cats are of top health and temperament. This gives me the highest probability of producing beautiful, healthy and happy kittens that will do well both in the show ring and as pets.

3. How many litters do you produce per year?

We are a small cattery (and intend to stay that way) with only about 4-6 breeding cats at a time. As such, we will only produce 1-3 litters per year.

4. How are your kittens socialized? Are they people-friendly?

Our kittens are socialized from day 1 onwards. We maintain a no-cage cattery so our cats have the run of our home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except of course, in the case of a queen in heat who we have to confine in one room. As such, our cats are very used to human contact.They are accustomed to normal household noise (vacuum cleaners, TV's, cooking, etc.) and are not afraid of such. This can be seen when guests enter our home, my cats will normally greet them at the door. They are not afraid of humans and will even start rubbing themselves on our guests as soon as they arrive! Some of our cats even know how to kiss - a trait which we intend to pass on to our kittens!

​5. How old do they have to be before we can get them? Will they be completely vet checked and vaccinated?

Kittens need to be at least 12 weeks old before they can go, 16 weeks old for international shipping. They will be completely vet checked and vaccinated.

6. Do you require a contract to be signed?

I do require a contract to be signed between the buyer and myself. This contract ensures the welfare of my cats. I hold myself responsible for every cat that I bring into this world and will provide a home for them if the new owner cannot do so anymore. This is a stipulation in the contract that in the event the new owner cannot provide a home for the cat they purchased from my cattery, the new owners are to contact me FIRST so that I could assist in finding a new home for the cat or take the cat myself. A copy of this contract may be obtained by contacting me.

7. When do pet kittens have to be desexed/spayed/neutered? Why? Will you work with starting breeders/exhibitors?

​Pet kittens have to be spayed after they reach 6 months old. All pet kittens come with a spay/neuter agreement and only after receiving a spay/neuter certificate from your veterinarian will you receive the TICA papers. This is to ensure that only people who have carefully thought of breeding and have decided with full commitment, can and will be able to breed cats. Breeding is a time-consuming and financially expensive process. It takes careful consideration and support from the right people to be able to breed cats that are great representations of the breed. As such, I will only sell breeding cats to a select number of people. People interested in purchasing a cat with breeding rights should contact me directly via email/contact form below and try to set up a phone call. I am very willing to work with responsible individuals who understand what it takes to start a breeding program.

8. How much is the price of your kittens? What type of payment methods do you accept?

The pet price for my British Shorthair kittens are between $1000 and $1500 (depending on sex and color) plus shipping (if any). We accept PayPal, personal checks, certified and cashier's checks. Personal checks have to clear before a kitten can be fully reserved when reserving a kitten or before shipping when paying the balance. When paying through PayPal, please add 3.5% to the amount you are sending to cover service fees (E.g.: If paying $1,000, please add 3.5% ($35), so please pay a total of $1035.

9. Can we reserve a kitten? If so, how?

Yes. Contact me directly and if we decide that you are an appropriate home for one of my babies, you can reserve a kitten by sending a $300 deposit. Deposits are taken in good faith and are not refundable if the buyer changes his/her/their mind.

10. Do you ship?

Yes, we can ship worldwide. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer and must be paid for beforehand. You will receive a detailed receipt of the shipping expenses.

11. Will you provide assistance as we raise our new baby?

Of course. We want to see how our babies are doing and would very much appreciate if you continue to keep in touch with us for the rest of their lives. We are here to provide you with all the support you need to help your new baby adjust to your home and family.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS THAT ARE NOT ADDRESSED HERE, please email me directly at and I will be more than willing to answer them for you. You can also use the contact form below.