A TICA Registered small in home cattery of show quality british shorthairs

Sezmoi Cattery

This is Pippa in Karen's Home. She is 5 months old in this picture and is gigantic! I cannot thank Karen enough for loving her so much. I am very happy to have found a great home for my kittens such as Karen's.

On the left is a picture of George as a 4 month old boy in Allan's lap and on the right is Geroge's pic after being neutered at 6 months. Alan and Theresa loves George so much and I am very happy and blessed to have them as George's parents.

~~ In addition to her great beauty, she is the best behaved kitten, so curious and friendly! It’s a good thing she comes when I call her because she loves to find new hiding places to catch a nap. She has a squeaky tiny meow which helps me find her when she is trapped in a closet. Her purrs, which are dainty and chirpy, are generously granted with pets and cuddles. She plays hard and races around when my grandchildren play with her. Pippa had great parenting -she used her litter box and the scratching posts right away. She very seldom scratches any furniture and if she does, a firm No!, sends her running. I am so thankful for such a great companion. I had such a good experience with Sezmoi Cattery- I highly recommend them. Karen, Lake Saint Louis, MO

OTHER TESTIMONIALS and kitten pics in new homes COMING SOON!

This could be the sweetest kitten right out of the box!!  I just love her!!!!!  I got some food and she is eating well and getting aclimated to her new surroundings.  I couldn't put her up last night so she spent the night on my bed with me and was absolutely precious.  Sometimes the best are worth waiting for.  I'm so very glad that you allowed me to purchase her!!

He is doing exceptionally well. He is just a cuddle bunny, A lover boy. and knows his name. comes whenever called. Struts with a real manly growl for a purrr. We all love him. Should have bought two. Hah! We are in love with George. My son and daughter in law love him too and I was thinking at some point maybe Christmas I would get them a brother or sister.